A 3000 dram pool from a giant oil weep


A weep is a stationary fungus that spawns 27-56 drams or a random liquid in a 3x3 area around it, with 4-8 drams in each tile surrounding it.

A weep will produce one of the following liquids:

Often found in mushroom tiles, random spawns like Mechanimist converts and some unique NPCs like Sheba Hagadias can also be weeps.

Discovering a weep will lead to a message and leave an entry in the journal and on the worldmap, indicating its exact location on the worldmap tile.

Giant Weep Edit


A Giant water weep in the salt desert

Rarely, a giant weep will spawn in the place of a regular weep. Giant weeps have 2000-3000 drams in each tile, totalling to 48000-72000 drams in a 5x5 area instead.

The Rainbow Wood is the one place where giant weeps spawn liberally. This can be a hazard, as the liquids they produce can mix with the Primordial Soup and spawn high numbers of Sludges.

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