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Suggested Level: 1-4 (first couple of level); 6-10 (midzone filled with Eyeless Crab and Knollworm)

The Waterlogged Tunnel is a dungeon that connects Joppa to Red Rock. It can be accessed by following the river that always generates on Floor 4 of Red Rock to the South, or by entering the hidden underground passage in the northwest of Joppa. Naturally a lot of pools of salty water spawn in this dungeon.

Depth and Connections[]

The tunnel is 4 levels deep. Level 4 extends for 6-7 screens running north/south, finally connecting with level 4 of Red Rock. Follow the river to stay on-track. 

Unlike the other starter dungeons, the Waterlogged Tunnel opens out into the near-limitless Underground biome in many spots. Be careful not to stray too much! 

Level 1 of the tunnel lies directly beneath Joppa

You can find the hidden passage to the Waterlogged Tunnel by walking near the pool in the upper left-hand corner of Joppa. You will see it appear as your character auto-searches. 

The underground passage in the Northwest of Joppa leading to Red Rock.


Some time ago, a miner disappeared in this tunnel, searching for jasper. His equipment can still be found.

Entering the Waterlogged Tunnel counts as entering Red Rock for the purposes of the What's Eating the Watervine? quest.


The Waterlogged Tunnel seems to have the same spawning rules as the Underground biome, but with a few of the more dangerous ranged enemies reduced; in particular, Fire Ants, Glowmoths and Slugsnouts will appear in the tunnel itself, but at a very low rate compared to the rest of the underground.

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