"Your thirst is mine, my water is yours."

The Water Ritual is an action that can be performed with legendary characters and anyone who has faction reputations listed.

To initiate the water ritual with a character, they must currently be not hostile to you. Speak to them and select the "begin water ritual" option. This costs 1 dram of a faction-dependant liquid. The first time you perform the water ritual with a character, you gain 100 reputation with their faction (125 with the skill Tactful) and gain or lose reputation with factions that like or dislike the character (-100 to +100). Further water rituals do not automatically grant reputation (unless you have gained Tactful since the last time you performed it, in which case you gain the extra 25).

WARNING: If you kill a character whom you've performed the ritual with, you will receive a message saying that you are cursed for slaying your bonded kin, and lose ~100 reputation with all (or most) of the factions. The overall reputation loss from doing this is normally greater than the gain from performing the ritual, so it is best to remember which characters you have performed it with.

Topics[edit | edit source]

Upon initiating the water ritual with a character, a new chat window opens with various options that can increase or decrease your reputation with their faction. Options that decrease it can only be selected when you have at least as much positive reputation as they decrease. There is a set amount of reputation that can be gained from a character beyond the initial 100-125, usually an additional 100.

"Secrets" are pieces of information that will be written in your journal, such as locations, history, and gossip.

  • I have a secret to share with you. [+50 reputation]
    • (Appears when you have at least one secret you can share. After selecting this, a list of secrets that you can share appears for you to select from. You gain 50 reputation points. After a secret has been shared, it can no longer be shared with this or other characters.)
  • I have a rumor that might interest you. [+100 reputation]
    • (Only appears if you have gossip about NPC's faction. Works like sharing a secret, but gives more reputation.)
  • I promise not to bother you again, hermit. [+100 reputation]
    • (Hermit-specific. You gain 100 reputation points. Does not count towards the reputation gain limit. If you initiate dialogue with this NPC again, you will lose 200 reputation with Hermits.)
  • Share a secret with me, friend. [-50 reputation]
    • (Always appears, unless the faction has no more secrets unknown to you. You gain a random secret. You lose 50 reputation points. Each NPC can only share 2 or 3 secrets, after which this topic will be disabled.)
  • Would you teach me your ways? [learn <skill>: -<amount> reputation]
    • (Some characters, or whole factions, can teach you certain skills. You do not have to have the skill's normal requirements. This costs the skill's skill point costs in reputation points; skills bought in villages usually cost 50% extra.)
  • Would you gift me your <item>? [-<amount> reputation]
    • (Some characters can give you items they possess. The amount of reputation points this costs varies, possibly based on the item's value.)
    • Available for Cybernetics Credit Wedge when conversing with Robots and Putus Templars
  • I would ask you to join me, friend. [-<amount> reputation] [End]
    • (Some characters can join you and become your follower, similar to if you had proselytized or beguiled them. The amount of reputation points this costs varies, possibly based on your and their levels.)
    • (You are not limited to one water-kin follower.)
  • Would you teach me to craft <item>? [-<amount> reputation]
    • (Some characters can teach you certain tinkering recipes. The amount of reputation points this costs varies (16-166), possibly based on the recipe's value.)
  • Teach me a secret of the aggregate mind. [-<amount> reputation]
    • (Seeker-specific. Gives a mental mutation (randomly chosen when starting the water ritual). Cost 50 reputation per mutation point.)
  • Live and drink. [end water ritual]

Liquids[edit | edit source]

Each faction requires a certain liquid to initiate the water ritual. For most, the liquid is water. Known liquids associated with factions are listed below.

Liquid Factions
Water Barathrumites, Consortium of Phyta, Fellowship of Wardens, Mechanimists, Villagers of Joppa, Villagers of Kyakukya
Blood Children of Mamon, Cannibals
Oil Robots (including robotic members of other factions)
Slime Slog of the Cloaca, Oozes
Neutron Flux Highly Entropic Beings

Ritual Rewards[edit | edit source]

Each faction offers different bonuses; in some cases, as with Seekers, Wardens, and Barathrumites, the rewards will differ from legendary to legendary. Note that you do not have to meet any prerequisites for the listed rewards; however, Espers still can't learn physical mutations, and Chimera still can't learn mental ones.

In addition to the hard-coded factions listed below, there is also a procedural faction for each procedural village and Historical Site; these will teach the skill randomly associated with that faction.

Guaranteed legendary characters are, as the name implies, certain to exist, with the exception that Joppa (and therefore its guaranteed legendaries) will not exist if you started elsewhere. You are not certain to be able to find legendaries of other factions; therefore, think carefully before relying on the rewards for a faction that lacks a guaranteed legendary figure.

Unique Characters reward table:

Name Skill Taught / Rewards Location Source
Warden Indrix Intimidate Kyakukya Unique
Wardens Esther Shield, Hot and Spiny Six-Day Stilt Unique
Lulihart A random schematic Six-Day Stilt Unique
Tszappur, Disciple of the Coiled... First Aid Six-Day Stilt
Warden Neelahind Shield Bey Lah Faction
Eskhind Dual Wield, Mah Lah Soup Bey Lah Unique
Hindriarch Keh Berate, Mah Lah Soup Bey Lah Unique
Elder Irudad Harvesting, Apple Matz Joppa Faction
Mehmet Harvesting, Apple Matz Joppa Faction
Mayor Nuntu Cooking & Gathering, Mulled Mushroom Cider Kyakukya Faction
Phinae Hoshaiah, High Priest of the Rock Proselytize Bethesda Susa Faction
Eschelstadt II, High Priest of the Stilt Proselytize Six-Day Stilt Faction
Lulihart, Hindren Pariah A random schematic Six-Day Stilt Unique
Otho Tinkering, a random schematic, The Porridge Grit Gate Faction
Q Girl Tinkering, 3 random schematics, The Porridge Grit Gate Faction
Barathrum the Old Tinkering, 3 random schematics, The Porridge Grit Gate Faction
Asphodel, Earl of Omonporch Snake Oiler Omonporch Faction
oddly-hued glowpad Snake Oiler Salt Marsh Faction
Pax Klanq A fungal infection Rainbow Wood Faction
Oboroqoru, Ape God Conk Lair of Oboroqoru Faction
Slog of the Cloaca Cloaca Surprise Golgotha Unique

Rewards by Factions[edit | edit source]

Apes Conk
Arachnids Lunge
Barathrumites Tinkering and various tinker recipes
Cannibals Butchery
Cats Acrobatics
Consortium Snake Oiler
Crabs Calloused
Equines Longstrider
Flowers Swim
Frogs Jump
Fungi A fungal infection
Goatfolk Butchery
Hermits Berate
Issachari Weathered
Joppa Harvestry
Kyakukya Cooking and Gathering
Mechanimists Proselytize
Naphtaali Chrome Idols Tactful (does not teach Customs and Folklore)
Newly Sentient Beings 200 skill points
Oozes Slime Glands mutation
Pariahs Trash Divining
Robots Iron Mind
Roots Wilderness Lore: Jungles
Seekers Self Discipline and various mental mutations
Strangers Akimbo
Succulents Fasting Way
Vines Ambidexterity
Wardens Shield
Water Barons Snake Oiler

Socially Repugnant[edit | edit source]

Having the Socially Repugnant mental defect changes the usual water ritual text of "Your thirst is mine, my water is yours." to one of several randomly selected texts:

  • My thirst is mine, your water is yours.
  • Let's get to it.
  • Thirst. Water. Drink.
  • Slurp time.
  • Swap spittle?
  • Licks lips (This text is brown in-game)
  •  ????
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