"Big Ualraig shifts his weight between his hind and forelegs. He shakes dander off the chipped surface of the great curling horns that splay from his temples. One hand holds a purring blade. The other, lame and frostbitten, reminds us that while Mother Nature may bestow splendid gifts upon her children, She is still sister to Cruelty."

Warden Ualraig is the warden of Joppa. The icy vapor he has equipped is the Freezing Hands mutation.

Notes Edit

He has about 100 vinewafers, a glowsphere and some fresh water, but does not restock, so it may be a good idea to leave some low value item with him so that he can still be traded with for his water.

At the start of the game, Mehmet, responsible for handing out the non-essential tutorial quest What's Eating The Watervine?, can start off hated by the Fellowship of Wardens. Warden Ualraig will immediately charge at him and kill him with his Freezing Hands if this is the case, so try to get the quest from Mehmet as soon as possible.


Warden Ualraig: Ain't dey wishin' the heart keep pumpin'? Move 'long if dey do.

  • Player: Your thirst is mine, my water is yours. [begin water ritual; 1 dram of water]
  • Player: ... [End]
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