The Underground biome is by far the largest in the game, spanning the entirity of the world and reaching at least many levels deep. You are very likely to end up here when stepping into a vortex.

Unique FeaturesEdit

Between levels 1-29 you'll find more or less hostile enviroment which with the right equipment can be navigated freely by destroying shale walls, where your only concerns will be food and the monsters around you, from levels 30 onwards, afterward the level will become more and more difficult with rarer and more dangerous enemies spawning.

Big note that there are near limitless amount of underground level but a limited amount of variety and it will gets rather repetitive after reaching around a hundred level. and if you at some point encounter any Lava that is on fire, the area are possibly lethally dangerous as it means you will vaporize within a few turn spent there.

Flora and FaunaEdit

Remember monsters will occasionally spawn Out-of-Depth, meaning tough monsters may rarely spawn on higher floors.

Floor 1+

Floor 3+

Floor 6+

Floor 10+

Floor 30+

Floor 50+

Floor 70+

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