Ulnar stimulators

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ulnar stimulators
Charge per Use

1 Fidget cell: 2500 usesSolar cell: 2500 usesChem cell: 10000 usesNuclear cell: 100000 usesAntimatter cell: 200000 uses

Charge Used For

Stat Boost






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Tinker Skill

Tinker I



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Ulnar Stimulators

Worn On


Extra Info:
ulnar stimulators

These skin-tight gloves occasionally jolt the hands into performing with added strength and dexterity.


The ulnar stimulators are a pair of gloves that bolster the player's Strength and Agility.

The ulnar stimulators must be powered and booted up to function, possessing a boot sequence of 5 turns. Once this has elapsed, the player's Strength and Agility will be temporarily increased by 1 point until the gloves are removed or run out of power. Wearing the gloves unpowered will not provide the Attribute bonuses, but will still provide it's ♦AV bonus.

The ulnar stimulators will not grant their Attribute bonuses, even if powered, when worn on a pair of non-animalian hands, such as (but not limited to) the hands granted by Helping hands, a robot's hands, the "bifurcations" of a plant, or the "knobs" of an animated door. More specifically, the hands must have the Category="Animal" tag. [1]

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