"A roiling mass of psychically innervated tissue, a twinning lamprey is never for want of company."

Notes Edit

Technically a pair of enemies that must be killed simultaneously or else a fully healed one will spawn next to the remaining one.

Its attacks are against your MA rather than your AV, so a pair of them can wear down a mid-level character pretty quickly in melee range.

Tactics Edit

  • The easiest way to kill them is to weaken both until you can kill them with an explosive, area effect mutant powers, or by nullifying their respawning ability entirely with normality gas.
  • Character with more than 100% quickness can also kill the twinning lamprey faster than they can react to it.
  • The remaining lamprey can only respawn its twin on its actual turn. Preventing it from acting in any way (Sleep Gas Grenade, Freeze Grenade, Stun Gas Grenade) will also prevent it from spawning the twin.
  • Taking both out with a single 3 shot burst from the Carbine in a narrow passage can also work, although Normality Gas Grenades are much more reliable.
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