Overview Edit

True Kin are a race of pure, unmutated humans. They have sustained themselves for thousands of years inside one of their three pristine Bio-Domes, name mentioned from the Arcology of the True Kin:

  • The Toxic Arboreta of Ekuemekiyye, The Holy City
    • Ekyemekiyye is a modern agricultural and religious society
  • The Ice-Sheated Arcology of Ibul
    • Ibul is a militaristic and technological society
  • The Crustal Mortar of Yawningmoon
    • Yawningmoon is an industrial society, located deep undergound

Advantages Edit

  • Better Starting Weapons, Items, and Equipment than Mutants
  • Higher Stats, Bonus Resistances, and more skill points per level up than mutants
  • Interchangeable and often very powerful Cybernetics parts.
  • May Rebuke Robots.
  • Putus Templar will be friendly with True Kin instead of murder machines.
  • Tonics have stronger effects and will never backfire (unless you inject several at once).

Disadvantages Edit

  • Slower Growth, due to requiring player to hunt for Cybernetics and Cybernetics Credit Wedge which are a very rare commodity
  • Cybernetics aren't upgradable like mutations
  • Require more effort and skill to play than mutant since you have to depend more on using artifacts

Character Creation Edit

Starting with the attribute distribution, True Kin starts with

  • 12 in each attribute
  • 38 points to spend (mutants have 44)
  • Can raise their attributes up to 24 (4+ modifier)
  • Attributes above 18 points cost twice the amount of attribute points

Pick Your Arcologies & Caste Edit

Next, they choose one of 12 backgrounds from one of the three arcologies.

  • Praetorian are the most recommended for all-around combatant since they start with mid-grade armor, shield, and a Desert Rifle (ammo not included)
  • Artifex are a secondary choice for those who wants to have a quick boost at Tinkering for Bits and Artifacts. They also earn a random data disk that are within their skill level, and 4 fully filled water container

Pick Your Starting Cybernetics augment. Edit

Finally, they start with one Cybernetics augment. You can choose to not take an augment and receive +1 Toughness. Each Arcology has a unique augment that will not be found in the world and can only be chosen at startup.

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