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"Are you mad? You think I keep a tally of every shopkeeper that steps foot on the Stiltgrounds? They come and go as they please. You've got merchants of all types here. Winesellers, honey hawkers, bookbinders, cobblers." - Wardens Esther, when asked what is in each tent.

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The stiltgrounds consists of the area that goes around the cathedral. You can follow the roads to the left and right to go around it and visit the various tents. There also are all kinds of mechanimist converts, pilgrims and preachers reciting verses from the canticles chromaic. It is one of the liveliest and largest places on Qud.

The cathedral entrace is always guaranteed to be the same, with the two protectors of the stilt. The southeastern screen always houses an apothecary, an ichor merchant and a kipper. Everything else is randomized.

Wardens Esther can be seen patrolling the entrance to the cathedral and greeting new people entering the Six Day Stilt.

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