"The Six Day Stilt rises from the dunes like a petrified kraken corpse, bearing down upon the vacant flats."

Notes Edit

The Six-Day Stilt is a temple city in the Great Salt Desert near the north-western corner of the world map. It appears to be a location of major importance for the Mechanimists. The Stilt consists of a central cathedral and the Stiltgrounds, which surrounds the cathedral.

The Stillgrounds can house most kinds of merchants, except scribes (but identical bookbinders can appear) and gemcutters. Jewelers can appear but are very rare. The southeastern screen has guaranteed apothecary, ichor merchant and kipper; all other merchants are randomized every game.

Sheba Hagadias can be found just inside cathedral's entrance. She accepts book donations and grants a small amount of experience in return. Rarer, more expensive books grant larger experience rewards when donated. Only one copy of each book will be accepted.

Experience gained from books is equal to (value * value) / 25. Corpus Choliys (35 value) would grant measly 49 xp, but the Scroll Bound by a Strand of Kelp (500 value) would give 10000 xp - worth more than the water for selling it. It is also not adjusted to level, meaning that books are a great late game source for experience.

Visiting the Stilt can be very worthwhile for a character as sharing water with the High Priest of the Stilt inside the cathedral by the Sacred Well will grant almost enough reputation to make all Mechanimists friendly from that point on. Characters can also cast artifacts into the Sacred Well (by "talking" to it - the Mechanimists do not appreciate it when visitors throw grenades at the Well) to gain the faction's favour, albeit at a much slower rate. Though it may take some effort, befriending the Mechanimists in this way makes the last floor of one of the storyline's harder dungeons quite a bit less painful.

Casting artifacts grants 1 reputation per 10 points of value (in drams of water) of the item. Unlike with trading, the base value is used - ego modifier doesn't affect reputation gain. Base value is always higher than the value player sells at and always lower than the value player buys at.

Note that virtually any kind of creature can appear around the Stiltgrounds as a Mechanimist convert, including monsters which spawn minions or duplicates of themselves. These spawns will not be affiliated with the Mechanimists or the Six-Day Stilt, and will be perfectly willing to pick fights with the player or any nearby NPCs.

Trivia Edit

  • The Six Day Stilt possibly takes its name from the Sacred Joining, a Genesis-type event central to the Mechanimist faith that takes place over at least six days, according to the Canticles Chromaic, Verse 20 "Song of Ignatium".
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