Temperature is a property of Creatures (including player), Items and Tiles.

Player's temperature can be seen in the UI - it's the number with 'T' in front of it. Temperatures of other objects can be inferred only indirectly, through their status (burning/frozen), quickness (requires counting creature's actions), or effect on the environment (setting webs aflame etc.).


Having high temperature (for player, it's 350) results in being Flaming (causing 1 damage per turn). Having very high temperature (for player, 10k) results in instant death.

Each temperature increase is multiplied by (100 - Heat Resist)%, with minimum of 0.

Temperature can be increased, among others, by:

  • Being near objects with high temperature
  • Standing on a campfire, Kindle flame, or a similar object
  • Being damaged by a heat-based, for example a Fire Ant attack
  • Drinking Asphalt, Molten Wax, Lava (Lava will also deal a lot of non-heat damage)
  • Standing still while under the effects of a Blaze Injector

The environment is also affected by high temperature:

  • Water may be turned into Steam, which deals non-heat-based damage
  • Many liquids will simply disappear when sufficiently heated, often before the player is set on fire. This can be useful in Golgotha.
  • Rock may turn to Lava
  • Many items and terrain features will be set on fire like creatures
  • Oil and Asphalt will burn, but usually without any loss in mass


Having low temperature (below 0) results in 1% of quickness loss per 2 temperature points. Having very low temperature (for player, -100) results in being Frozen, but also negates the quickness penalty.

Each temperature decrease is multiplied by (100 - Cold Resist)%, with minimum of 0.

Temperature can be decreased, among others, by:

  • Being near objects with low temperature
  • Being in a naturally cold area, such as Bethesda Susa
  • Being damaged by a cold-based attack, for example a Rimewyk attack
  • Standing in Convalessence
  • Pouring certain liquids (Fresh Water and Convalessence being the most effective) on self. Only works when on high temperature and won't decrease temperature significantly below 0.
  • Wading through certain liquids. As above, but less effective.

The environment isn't heavily affected by cold:

  • Some Liquids will freeze, causing creatures standing on them to get stuck
  • Molten Wax will turn into globs that cannot be picked up, only destroyed
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