"You teleport to a nearby location."

Skill DescriptionEdit

Teleports you to any previously-viewed point on the current map.

Cooldown: 115 rounds (-10 per mutation level, to a minimum of 5 rounds before applying Willpower.)
Cost: 5 mutation points


Teleportation is the ultimate escape and mobility power, allowing you to instantly transport yourself to any place you've seen on your current level.  Even at level one with the bare minimum stats, this can provide easy escape from situations that would otherwise be fatal.

When combined with Clairvoyance, teleportation allows you to go anywhere on the map in an instant, bypassing enemies, locked doors, and other obstacles (or even entire levels); a high-level psychic with this setup can eventually have Clairvoyance that reveals the entire map continuously active, with Teleportation's cooldown so low that they can use it in place of walking.

Teleportation is also highly effective in concert with attacks that target at range or with powers that lay down long-term destructive effects, since you can use them and then teleport to safety yourself, or (with Clairvoyance and attacks that can be targeted through walls) even continuously attack enemies from safe positions while teleporting to stay out of range.

If Teleporation is combined with Temporal Fugue, your duplicates use it effectively themselves, especially if they also have Clairvoyance active; this can be used to deploy teleporting duplicates (even ones armed with area-attacks that would otherwise endanger you) while you teleport to safety yourself.


Teleportation can only take you to places you've previously seen.  Without Clairvoyance to back it up, it won't help you bypass locked doors or other obstructions.

Additionally, at low levels, its cooldown is fairly high; if you're relying on it for defense, this leaves you vulnerable immediately after using it.

While it might seem that both of these flaws can be negated by a high-level psychic, it's important to realize that many late-game levels will contain so many opponents that there will literally be no safe point to teleport to; in the late game, teleportation is still an incredibly effective power for defense and escape, but if you're playing a fragile psychic you will still need at least some ability to face down opponents (such as with Force Bubble) or create safe areas (such as with Force Wall or wide-area attacks) in order to use it effectively.

Finally, as an Astral mutation, Teleportation cannot be used while you are Astrally Burdened or Tethered. This makes it dangerously unreliable against enemies which utilize Normality Gas.

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