"Before you reclines a man clothed in leafy raiment, so svelte and still you mistake him for the fallen branch of a sickly tree until you meet the gaze of his cerulean eyes. Upon closer scrutiny, you discern the hilts of his twin swords, Caslainard and Polluxus, rising through the foliage of his cloak and over his shoulders. His sylvan sashes, of which he wears several, are strewn with the ears, claws, and horns of creatures unfamiliar to you, and as you examine them, he scrutinizes you wearing an expression that bears qualities of both a smirk and a scowl yet that is not quite either."

Svenlainard is the hunter of Kyakukya. He doesn't have much to say, though he claims to be the first Huntsman of Qud. He hangs out in the copse of trees in the middle of the village. He can be difficult to locate at first because his sprite is the same colour green as the surrounding trees, so you will need to take some time looking for him.


His position.

Svenlainard sells a few random pieces of Ape Fur armor and different types of cooking ingredients. He wears a Grassy Yurtmat, a Leafy Helm, and a Leafy Vest. He also wields Caslainard and Polluxus, but does not sell them. In combat he can increase his DV greatly.

Svenlainard happens to have all-round stats and a rather unusual assortment of abilities for a NPC, such as Beguiling, Metamorphosis and many other skills. The fact that he has Metamorphosis can lead to many interesting tricks if the player has access to Domination, as you can dominate him and permanently transform into a powerful monster without any penalty. This seams to currently be the only way to access Metamorphosis without enabling pre-released content.

Ape Fur pieces:

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