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The Sultans were six rulers who were in power during, and relevant to, Qud's history. Five of the six are randomly generated at the beginning of the game, each one associated with a specific element. The sixth and final sultan, Resheph, as well as the historic events associated with him, is fixed.

There are statues scattered throughout Qud, as well as painted and engraved items, through which one may learn the history of the Sultans. When the player views these secrets, they are noted in the journal and can then be sold to notable members of the factions that admire or despise that Sultan.

Effect on Present Day[edit | edit source]

During a sultan's life, they will experience several events, some that have important effects on the world of the present. Sultans may craft or lose a prized relic, which can be randomly found throughout Qud. A sultan can also be favored or disliked by factions. Factions that like the sultan will often be the most common type of creatures residing in the sultan cult's historic site.

Locations of Sultan Secrets[edit | edit source]

In Joppa, there are two statues depicting Sultan lore: the one in the northeast corner of Joppa proper is of Resheph, and the one in the northern outskirts is of a random Sultan and points to a historic site associated with that Sultan.

Faction Relationships[edit | edit source]

The following is an example of a piece of lore that indicates that both flowers and vines are among Yyram's hated factions:

Throughout 4304 BR, Yyram V plundered all of Tuzor, rolling dice to determine which ones to destroy from the homes of flowers and vines. He became known as the Sorrow of Tuzor.

Sultan Themes[edit | edit source]

Main article: Sultan Themes

Theme Relic Mods Applications
Glass Glazed Melee Weapon
Reflect Armor, Shield
Improved Clairvoyance Armor, Shield
Jewels Ego Boost Melee Weapon, Armor, Shield
Transmute into Gem Melee Weapon
Stars Improved Light Manipulation Melee Weapon, Armor, Shield
Time Improved Temporal Fugue Melee Weapon, Armor, Shield
Salt Willpower Boost Melee Weapon, Armor, Shield
Ice Relic Freezing Melee Weapon
High Cold Resistance Boost Armor, Shield
Scholarship Beetle Host Melee Weapon
Intelligence Boost Armor, Shield
Might Strength Boost Melee Weapon. Armor, Shield
Travel Improved Teleportation Melee Weapon, Armor, Shield
Move Speed Boost Armor, Shield
Chance The Fates have their way Melee Weapon
Blink Armor, Shield
Circuitry Improved Electrical Generation Melee Weapon, Armor, Shield