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Spider Webs


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Spider Webs

You bear two spinnerets with which you spin a sticky silk.

Spider Webs is an NPC-only physical mutation that many arachnids possess.

This mutation grants the "Spin Webs" activated ability, which allows a creature to spin webs, creating one Web.pngweb, or one Phase web.pngphase web if the creature is phased, in any tile they move into. Each use of the mutation will allow a creature to create 4 webs.

The webs created with this mutation will cause creatures that move into them to become stuck. Creatures have the opportunity to make a Strength save with a difficulty of 15 + mutation level against becoming stuck. Creatures that weigh more than 320 + 80 x mutation level will be unable to become stuck in the webs. Creatures that possess this mutation are unable to become stuck themselves.[1]

This mutation is similar to, but not to be confused with Spinnerets, which is obtainable by the player.

Creatures with Spider Webs[]


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