"Trudging along at a snail's pace is a bear-sized shell splendiferously adorned by nature. Roiling citrine, frozen azure, and polished jade spiral inwards and out in perfect mathematically harmony."

A very resilient, high AV creature that lays quickly hatching eggs containing multiple poisonous Ickslugs. It also leaves behind a trail of slime when moving.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Highly resistant electrical damage.

Occasionally lays Snail Eggs, which will hatch a short while later, spawning a number of Ickslugs. The eggs can be destroyed before they hatch with melee attacks, grenades, fire, etc, preventing any Ickslugs from hatching. However, shots from missile weapons will merely fly past the eggs harmlessly.

Since Ickslugs' attacks ignore AV, poison you and are Swarmers, a large group of them can quickly become a very serious threat. Snailmothers should therefore be eliminated as soon as possible to minimize the number of Ickslugs they spawn.

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