Sleeping is a Status Effect. While sleeping the subject may not move or take any action.

Many NPCs follow a sleep schedule, and will return to their owned bedroll to sleep at night. This may make traders unavailable until they've woken up.

The player character does not appear to need or benefit from sleep in any way, other than to pass the time. You can also chose when to wake up (Waxing Sun, Waning Sun, Dusk, etc).

Taking damage can cause the subject to wake up dazed with a toughness save to wake up normally. But waking up from time does not cause the status effect.

Attacks against sleeping creatures have a +4 penetration bonus.

Causes Edit

  • Sleeping in a Bedroll.
  • Sleep Gas
    • Drowsing Urchins are a type of enemy which uses sleep gas.
    • Sleep Gas Grenades are an easy way to inflict sleep on your enemies.
    • Dreambeard can breathe sleeping gasses
      • Their glands however can be eaten to grant you their ability
  • Characters with the Narcolepsy Mental Defect may periodically fall asleep for 20 to 29 turns.
  • The skill Conk in the Cudgel proficiency skill tree will put an enemy to sleep if they are already stunned.

Notes Edit

The location of an NPC bedroll may cause them to sleep in illogical or dangerous areas such as pools of liquid, or on top of lit sconces.

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