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Sheba as a Cyclopean Gibbon.

In the narthex of the Stilt, cloistered beneath a marble arch and close to her Argent Fathers, she muses over a tattered codex. She's safe here, but it wasn't always that way. As a youngling, her own kind understood her little. Only when she was gifted a copy of the Canticles Chromaic did she learn comfort, or mirth, or reason. Her journey to the Stilt took several years, but now that she's here, Sheba seeks to consolidate all the learning of the ages tucked away in Qud's innumerable chrome nooks. Here, she prepares a residence where pilgrims can study the wisdom of others and bring themselves nearer to the divinity of the Kasaphesence [sic].

Sheba Hagadias is a Mechanimist librarian located in the cathedral at The Six Day Stilt in the left room by the entrance. You can give books to her in exchange for her commentary (experience) during conversation. A prompt listing books in the player's inventory and their corresponding experience values will appear. Multiple copies are accepted and rarer books grant more experience. Books in her inventory can be read in the trade menu by pressing 'b'.

Her creature type is procedurally created in each playthrough and can range from a Glowpad to a Chrome Pyramid. If her creature type is a swarmer, such as Segmented Mirthworm or Fire Ant Queen, she will spawn with these "friends" around her that will likely be hostile to the player and anyone else in the Stilt, including Sheba herself. If she's a Brooding Azurepuff, she will spew spores when the player is adjacent.

Regardless of her creature type, she will always have The Canticles Chromaic, Verses XVII-XXIV, Spectacles, and Cloth Robe for trade. She may have other equipment relevant to her creature type such as a Laser Rifle.


Sheba Hagadias, Librarian of the Stilt: Live and learn, wanderer. Have you come across any books or scrolls in your travels? Do you care to donate one to the cathedral library? Whenever you return, you may speak to me and read anything you've donated.

  • Player: Yes. [Give Book]
Sheba Hagadias provides some insightful commentary on '[book title]'. You gain [x] XP.
  • Player: Where is the library?
    • Sheba Hagadias, Librarian of the Stilt: Oh, we're in but the first phase of its foundation. The church has amassed a splendid collection of scripts through the years. Glorious Shekhinah, praise be upon Him, gifted us with several caches. The eremites work day and night reproducing them in the scriptorium, and I have taken it upon myself to beseech travelers, for the rarest finds often come from the least likely places.
      • Player: I will donate a book. [Give Book]
  • Player: What use is a library in this salt den? Or in the marshes, strangled by wild plants and poisoned by the glow? Wouldn't a stash of vinereapers serve us better?
    • Sheba Hagadias, Librarian of the Stilt: You share the pessimism of my kin, and several of the priests as well. My heart hears you, but listen to my words, and maybe you will come to feel as I do.
To devalue wisdom is to devalue the Kasaphesence [sic]. She shines in the void, refracting light, illuminating those around her. So does the written wisdom of our elders.
The machinery of chromium is complex in its divinity. Don't we do a disservice to our Fathers when we remain ignorant of it, of our past, of our future? Don't we deserve the joy of knowing? Bless Eschelstadt II, first Child, for he believes as I do.
  • Player: I will donate a book. [Give Book]
  • Player: Not today. Live and drink, chronicler. [End]
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