"The skin of this sly fish is slick and diaphanous. It writhes around Golgotha's fetid pools unseen, wrapping itself around the legs of hapless trudgers and drawing them into the guck."

Notes[edit | edit source]

Sewage Eels spawn in the ooze, sludge and goo of Golgotha. The eels aren't really hidden, they actually spawn when triggered.

Triggering an eel spawn by walking into the muck can sometimes cause you to lose your balance and fall prone. This will cause extra effects depending on the liquid you were standing on: Black Ooze causes disease, Green Goo causes Poison, Brown Sludge rusts items. Different effects stack. Sewage eels can trip only when spawning, afterwards they can only bite.

Walking into a muck tile has a 50% chance of triggering spawn of an eel in one of adjacent tiles (the chance is in total, not per-tile), unless the current tile has already spawned an eel or has less than 500 drams of liquid.

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