Scraps are disassemble-able item that provides you with Tinkering Bits. It requires the basic Tinkering Skill in order for you to start identifying scrap component of scraps & artifacts, and be able to obtain bits from such. Without the appropriate skill, Scraps can be a burden to most players but keeping a hold of those may be worthwhile.

Scraps are found from Trash, Chest, and Bought from Technology Merchants

Types of scrap:

Name Bits ##
Bent Metal Sheet Scrap Metal (x1) C
Bent Surgical Stent Scrap Electronics (x1) D
Blunt Scalpel Scrap Metal (x1) C
Broken Microcontroller Array Pristine Electronics (x1) 4
Burnt Capacitor Scrap Power System (x1) A
Corroded Circuit Board Scrap Electronics (x1), Scrap Metal (x1) DC
Cracked Lense Scrap Crystal (x1) B
Cracked Robotics Housing Pure Alloy (x1) 3
Depleted Stem Generator Nanomaterials (x1) 5
Destroyed Cybernetics Controller Flawless Crystal (x1) 2
Detuned Cortical Regenerator Photonics (x1) 6
Failed Energy Relay Phasic Power Systems (x1) 1
Fractured Crysbone Pure Alloy (x1) 3
Fractured Microchip Scrap Electronics (x1) D
Fried Implant Core Scrap Power Systems (x1) A
Fried Processing Core Flawless Crystal (x1) 2
Powdered Nanohuls Pristine Electronics (x1) 4
Shattered Magnifying Glass Scrap Crystal (x1) B
Player can Wish for exactly named Scrap, but cannot with for Bits - use the list below (incomplete list)
  1. Scrap Power Systems (bright red): fried implant core, failed energy relay
  2. Scrap Crystals (bright green): cracked lens (scrapcrystal), shattered magnifying glass
  3. Scrap Metal (bright blue): folding chair, bent metal sheet (scrapmetal)
  4. Scrap Electronics (cyan): fractured microchip (scrapelectronics)
  5. Phasic Power Systems (dark red): failed energy relay (scrap 1)
  6. Flawless Crystals (dark green): destroyed cybernetics controller (medscrap2)
  7. Pure Alloys (dark blue): cracked robotics housing, fractured crysbone (medscrap3)
  8. Pristine Electronics (dark cyan): Powdered nanohulls (medscrap4)
  9. Nanomaterials (grey): depleted stem-generator (medscrap5)
  10. Photonics (yellow): Detuned Cortical Generator (medscrap6)
  11. AI Microcontrollers (white): Faulty Cell Detelerometer (medscrap7)
  12. Metacrystals (magenta): Low Quality Replacement Head (medscrap8)