A Rusted Archway Overworld

The Rusted Archway on the Overworld map.

Suggested Level: 3-7, there are no cheese, this is a straightforward dungeon

The rusted archway is an optional low level dungeon located Northeast of Joppa on the southern edge of the flower fields. It provides an opportunity to level up your character while also offering artifacts and low-quality scrap.

The archway consists of a surface ruin and descends four levels below ground. There are many doors which require different keycards to open, and it is possible for the stairs down to the next level to spawn behind a locked door.

Storage rooms can be commonly found within the archway, and are not necessarily locked away. These rooms contain many pieces of scrap as well as chests with artifacts.

The archway will have at least one and often two Becoming Nooks on its deepest level along with a credit lockbox containing a Cybernetics Credit Wedge. It is generally the easiest and first point of call for installing cybernetics on a True Kin character.

The main enemies are swine, which infest all five levels of the ruin. The bottom 'lair' level may contain one or more fire snouts.


If you need to get past a locked door, you can either find the respective keycard, attempt to break into the room manually, or phase through. You can break in relatively quickly with HE Grenades or Acid Grenades. A more time-consuming strategy is to continually attack the wall until it breaks away. If you are phasing, make sure you have a way to get back out of the locked area!

The storage rooms (especially on the surface) may be guarded by one or more turrets. Engaging a turret with a low-level character can be a foolish decision; make sure you have a high buffer of health and can kill the turrets quickly; a chaingun turret can shred 20-30 health off a new character in a single turn. Otherwise, be prepared to high tail it and sprint into cover.


Surface and Level 1+:

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