The Rust Wells

The qudzu infested Rust Wells east of Joppa.

Suggested Level: 5-9

Located to the east of Joppa are three separate sites collectively called the Rust Wells. You can find the copper wire here that you need for the quest Weirdwire Conduit.. Eureka!. The wire is above and below ground in varying pieces of up to 50 feet.

Depth and ConnectionsEdit

Each Rust Well is 4 levels deep. After that it opens up into the Underground biome.


This is probably the first place you will encounter the plant monsters called Qudzu. They can rust your weapons and armor making you unable to equip or sell them until they are repaired. Be quick about killing them in melee combat range, or kill them from afar. Qudzu are capable of rusting metallic items in your inventory, including the copper wire needed for the Weirdwire Conduit.. Eureka! quest; however, Argyve will accept rusted wire, so having it rusted by the qudzu doesn't actually do anything.

Flora and FaunaEdit

The Rust Wells seem to have the same spawning rules as the Underground biome.

Plus plenty of:

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