Rocket skates

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rocket skates
Max Volume

32 drams

Charge per Use


Charge Used For

Power Skate [1], EmissionsControl [1]






Can Disassemble


Can Build


Tinker Skill

Tinker II



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Rocket Skates

Worn On


Extra Info:
  • Made out of Metal
  • +5 Movespeed
  • Leaks when broken (10-20% per turn)
rocket skates

The finned and wheeled boot had become the sigil of several sects of socionauts by the Late Sultanate. For decades their progenitors careened through the capsule pipelines of the slouching arcology, dismantling it plate by plate, pursued by the constabulary but ferried by their skates to the safety of their moss-skirted hideouts. The metaphor was writ large on the glass guts of the city: Scorch the past. Rocket into the future.

+5 Move Speed
Replaces Sprint with Power Skate (unlimited duration).
Emits plumes of fire when the wearer moves while power skating.
-4 on saves vs. Move, Knockdown, Knockback, Restraint, and Drag.
Heats up the area around the wearer when in operation.


rocket skates are footwear that uses Oil.pngoil as fuel to power skate instead of sprint. When worn, it takes three turns to fully boot: first it will cough. Once complete, it will make a "fwoosh" sound. This will also cancel running if the wearer was previously sprinting. They will also have a -4 to all forced movement saves, but will have +5 Movement Speed.

Even when not power skating, it will use two charge a round, where one dram of oil is equal to 750 charge. Likewise, power skating will not increase the charge use. At full volume, the skates will be able to power skate for 12,000 rounds.

Every turn, the area around the user will also be 10 degrees hotter. This cannot bring anything's temperature higher than 100.

Power Skating[edit | edit source]

While power skating, a 4 cell long jet of flames of similar damage and temperature change to Flaming Hands at level 3 is emitted in the opposite direction the wearing skates. If they do not move, the skates will emit some smoke. If also equipped with Bounding boots.pngbounding boots, the springing effect will not occur. The regular sprinting effects, such as 2*speed while running and -5 DV (without hurdle) and -10 to hit with melee attacks, apply. All effects that would end a normal sprint will also end power skating.