"Tetraxenonoglass walls and convalesscent gel recreate the conditions of the amnion where reptile, bird, and mammal embryos are nurtured to whole life."

The regeneration tank is a furniture based artifact that is capable of regenerating Dismembered limbs.

It can't be crafted, but can be found in Bethesda Susa. The tank works by using its internal battery and requires it to be fully filled with Convalessence in order to work. The player must enter the tank and wait inside until their limbs regenerate.

Operation[edit | edit source]

  • Press CTRL+Space (default control) to pull up more interaction with the tank, this lets you fill it up with convalessence and recharge its power
  • If the tank has less than 128 Convalessence, stand next to it, select a container with Convalessence from your inventory, pour nearby and pour onto tank's tile
  • The tank will vanish if it runs out of charge and even fully charged it will last only for 200 turns, making it useless for characters who can't recharge it

Moving in and out of the tank requires agility checks, which have have a 25% chance to deal damage when not passed . They are set up as follows




Save Target

Pass Else
Entering 15 Enter tank Not entered and 25% Chance for 1d2+1 damage
Exiting 14 Exit Tank Not exited and 25% Chance for 1d2+1 damage

After entering, the tank works in the following pattern

Start Turn Effect Notes
1 Recuperating Needs confirmation
100 Regenerating HP Regeneration.
300 Regenerate Whole Limb A dismembered limb is restored, every 300 turns.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The limb regrowing speed is quite slow, so the tank may require multiple recharges before it does its job. A player with Tinkering skill can recharge it (using 'A' bits) without leaving the tank.
  • It can also be disassembled for tinkering Bits 012456, but its blueprint cannot be learned.
  • It also adds +2 AV and -8 DV to its current occupants
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