Your wounds heal very quickly.

Increased hit point regeneration rate

Severed limbs regrow over time

Preliminary testing seems to indicate that this mutation gives you a flat bonus of ~.23hp/Turn (for reference vanilla regen with 16 Toughness/Willpower is .2hp/turn). Each level increases the regen by ~.04hp/Turn. These bonuses don't appear to scale with your toughness or willpower.

Rate: 1 Turn
3 Turns
5 Turns
7 Turns
1 ~.23hp/Turn ~.69hp ~1.15hp ~1.61hp
2 ~.27hp/Turn ~.87hp ~1.35hp ~1.89hp
3 ~.31hp/Turn ~.93hp ~1.55hp ~2.17hp
4 ~.35hp/Turn ~1.05hp ~1.75hp ~2.45hp
5 ~.39hp/Turn ~1.17hp ~1.95hp ~2.73hp
6 ~.43hp/Turn ~1.29hp ~2.15hp ~3.01hp


  • Better health regeneration.
  • Regrow limbs slowly. This takes many in-game days, but can save on ubernostrum injectors.
  • Slightly reduced water consumption as auto-heal takes less time.


  • High MP cost of 5.
  • Can make untreated Glotrot extremely annoying as your tongue will occasionally regrow, then bleed and rot again, constantly interrupting your attempts to travel and making you lose HP.