Quickness (shortened "QN") is an attribute that affects how frequently a character may act.

For simple explanation:

  • At 100 QN (100% speed), a character acts at the default speed which is one action per turn.
  • Therefore, at 50 QN (50% speed), a character would act half as quick, meaning it will take them two turns to take a single action.
  • So at 200 QN (200% speed), a character acts twice as quick, meaning they can take two actions in a single turn.

Quickness is also related to Move Speed, while Quickness doesn't directly affect Move Speed, the AP generation from Quickness increases effective movement speed.

Action Cost* Edit

* accuracy of information is not guaranteed, this is a pure speculation/theory based on personal testing. There isn't really much info to go on from the game so anything related to this is definitely up for debate
The smallest unit used by the game to count time is the Action Cost (formerly referred to as Energy). All creatures on the map are put to a queue where they will generate Action point depending on their quickness, all creatures with 100 QN generates 1000 Action point, therefore QN 110 instead generate 1100 ticks.

  1. Assuming you have 110 quickness, at your turn you will generate 1100 AP
  2. An action will usually use 1000 energy, and by doing so, you will be left with 100 AP left
  3. Because it is less than minimum 1000 energy, your turn will end but the remaining energy are saved for the next turn in your energy pool
  4. At your 10th turn, you would have saved enough energy for it to reach 2000 AP
  5. You now can take two action, each costing 1000 AP resulting in your energy pool going back to 0 AP

One skill tree in particular, Pistol, depends on directly modifying actions' energy cost.

  • Empty the Clips reduces the energy taken to fire a pistol from 1000 to 500 ticks.
  • Fastest Gun in the Rust reduces the energy usage further by 25%.
  • The Rapid Release Finger Flexors Cybernetic implant also reduces it by 25%.
  • Assuming you use one pistol and have 100 QN, using all three would allow you to shoot your pistol 4 times in a single turn, each shot taking only 250 ticks.

Now considering you have energy reduction skill via Two Headed mental mutation at level 1

  1. At 100 QN, you generate 1000 energy
  2. Using your mental ability will cost 800 energy, but because it will remain at 200 energy, your turn will end immediately
  3. Keep using mental ability, and you will have 1800 energy at your 5th turn.
  4. If you use your mental ability again, you will have 1000 energy remaining which means you are allowed to take another action before ending your turn

Things affecting Quickness Edit

Name Effects Category
Adrenal Control +5 permanently & up to +95 depending on the adrenaline grade Physical Mutations
Heightened Quickness +7 to +21 permanently, but reduces toughness by -1 to -3 Physical Mutations
Two-Hearted -3% to -9% permanently, but increases toughness by +2 to +6 Physical Mutations
Two-Headed 20% to 56% (+4% per level) reduction on energy usage when using mental mutation Physical Mutations
Photosynthetic Skin +2 to +6.5 when basking in sunlight Physical Mutations
Cold Blooded -10 permanently, Quickness fluctuates depending on your current temperature Physical Defects
Time Dilation Reduces the quickness of the enemy close to you, effects amplified with the skill level Mental Mutations
Inflatable Axons +40 for 10 rounds, -10 for 10 rounds after that Cybernetics
Waxflab -2 while infected Diseases
Temperature -1 for every 2 degree of temperature below 0 Mechanics
Blaze Injector +20 while active Tonics
Cider +4 to +5 when used as a cooking ingredient Cooking Recipes
Salt +3 to +6 by random chance when used as a cooking while hungry, salt are added to grantee the effect Cooking Recipes
lignin +2 to +6 depending on Photosynthetic Skin level. Currently bugged2.0.169.1 Cooking Recipes
Canned Have-It-All Chance to have the same effect as lignin or Cider Cooking Recipes
Eater's Flesh -60 while its effects are active Quest Item
Famished -10 while you are famished Status Effects
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