"She's an opal in the monochrome.

Her hair is a quasar of red ochre and indigo in the blanched light of the workshop. Her cartilage is pierced by polyhedral rings that spin in antinomy to the cave's simple geometry. Beneath the quills her skin is decorated in furcate lines, fantastic elaborations on the patterns of discarded circuitboards.She's surrounded by apparatuses of her own creation. Through the harmony of those machines, she cuts a swath through the entropic brine that sizzles around her in a loudening chorus."

Q Girl is an Urshiib tinkerer and Barathrumite. She resides in her workshop in Grit Gate, behind a door that unlocks after completing the quest More Than a Willing Spirit. Speaking with her is the first step in the quest Decoding the Signal.

Notes Edit

  • The Putus Templar attacking the Enclave in might defeat her, but she will respawn after that.

Trivia Edit

  • She has additional dialogue when you speak to her while wearing goggles.
    • Do you like my goggles?
    • Yes, yes, yes. They are so quetzal!
  • Q Girl actually has a daily schedule but can not follow it because the paths to the relevant objects are inaccessible. If you clear a path through the walls to the adjacent rooms, she will start using the beds.
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