"The desert wind blows salt into his mouth and cerulean eyes. His lips are cracked and the skin on his face is raw. Nonetheless, he steadies himself on his aegis and peers out over the Stiltgrounds. Here, inside the Stilt, the masses are free to worship, but the sanctity of the Argent Fathers' home must be preserved."

They stand guard to the entrance of Cathedral at the Stiltgrounds and will generally be friendly towards the player character unless you happen to have low reputation with Mechanimists.


They are definitely built to take damage instead of dealing damage. They can be quite hard to take out with their high resistances and protection.

Their armor and dodge values might vary depending which body armor they spawn with. They possess all of the possible shield skills. That means each block will increase their AV up by 4 and possibly even stun for a few rounds. They might attempt to shield slam instead, causing the character to go prone unless resisted. Defeating them requires the player character to bypass AV of 13/14, which can be a bit difficult.

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