An Ekumian warrior-priest who wears a Frowning Moon Mask and is adept at fighting. They tend to be tough, hearty, and good with Axes, and are opposites of the Priest of All Suns caste.


Starting EquipmentEdit

Strategy Edit

  • Give your crayons or Metal Folding Chair to Argyve, it is free XP and is easier than searching for an artifact, many of which would be more useful than a metal chair.
  • Prepare the meat you gather before you consume it.
  • Use axes as much as possible until you get skills associated with other weapon types.
  • You won't need to buy as many bandages due to your bleeding resist
  • Salve Injectors are essential!
  • When traveling on the map, stick to jungles, you have jungle lore, and therefore have a lower chance of becoming lost.
  • Your natural poison resistance gives you an advantage when delving into parts of Golgotha
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