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powerful plant-based cooking effects are a category of cooking effects that can be granted by cooking with the following ingredients:

Basic Effects[]

The following basic effects can be granted by this category of ingredients.

A basic effect is guaranteed when cooking with only one ingredient. Basic effects can also sometimes be obtained when cooking with two or more ingredients. For more information, refer to basic and triggered effects.

Can use Burgeoning at level 7-8. If you already have Burgeoning, it's enhanced by 5-6 levels.

Mental mutations granted by cooking effects are also boosted to additional levels by the player's Ego modifier. This applies to Burgeoning granted by powerful plant-based cooking effects.

Trigger Conditions[]


Whenever you take damage from a plant,...

Triggered Effects[]

None cause plants to spontaneously grow in a random nearby area.


  • Some categories of cooking effect have both "normal" ingredients and "powerful" ingredients, such as Regeneration and healing-based cooking effects. However, plant-based cooking effects currently have only a "powerful" variant in the game.