Physical Mutations focus on increasing your survivability, damage, and versatility in combat. For more in depth details about a mutation, just click on it!

[-2] Albino

  • Prevents you from choosing the Photosynthetic Skin mutation.
  • You heal VERY slowly in daylight.

[-3] Amphibious

  • Thirst is replaced by wetness, you must submerge yourself in water rather than drinking it.
  • This works similarly to drinking - you will pour water over yourself automatically as needed.
  • You consume roughly two-thirds more water than usual.

[-2] Analgesia

  • Instead of your health being displayed as a definite number, it is replaced by terms like "Fine" or "Perfect", much like looking at another character.

[-2] Beak

  • Reduces ego by 1.
  • Makes you unable to wear masks or use other mutations that physically occupy the face slot.
  • In melee, you occasionally peck opponents for minor damage.
  • +200 reputation with birds

[-2] Cold-Blooded

  • Your quickness becomes heavily affected by temperature. Higher temperatures will increase your quickness slightly, while cold temperatures will hurt your quickness even worse than being chilled alone.

[-4] Brittle Bones

  • Your bones are much weaker, and have a higher chance of being crippled.
  • You take considerably more damage from falls, cudgels, and concussive attacks.

[-2] Electromagnetic Impulse

  • You will randomly let out a decently sized EMP blast without warning from time to time.

[-4] Hemophilia

  • Bleeding becomes a much more severe issue without bandages as it takes significantly longer for your wounds to naturally clot.

[-4] Hooks for Feet

  • Your feet are replaced with hooks, which have a 4 max PV in addition to 1 damage, and no DV/AV.
  • You are unable to wear boots
  • You have your Movement Speed reduced by 10

[-2] Myopia

  • Your vision is limited to a very small sphere around you, spectacles may assist the vision loss.

[-3] Spontaneous Combustion

  • You will occasionally burst into flames, causing often fatal burning damage to yourself.
  • With extremely high heat resistance (like from level 10 Carapace), this defect will sometimes fail to heat you up enough to cause combustion, rendering it effectively harmless.