Phased is a status effect that causes things to not be solid to anything that isn't also phased. For example: a phased creature can walk through an unphased wall, and an unphased creature can walk through a phased wall, but a phased creature can't walk through a phased wall. The same principle applies for combat; a phased creature can only attack and be attacked by a creature that is also phased.

The ability to phase is granted by choosing the Phasing mutation, using a shade oil injector, or standing in the blast radius of a phase shift grenade.

List of creatures known to phase: Edit

Phase spider: Phase spiders are permanently phased, but also produce a trail of phase silk. Phase silk causes a creature to phase for 2-3 rounds when it is stepped on.

Astral tabby: A permanently phased, high-level cat.

Phasing out and in Edit

When phasing is activated, you will receive a note on your message log stating: "You phase out." As the following turns proceed, you will receive messages stating how many turns you have left before you phase back in. When the countdown hits zero, make sure that at least you are not surrounded 3x3 between walls otherwise you would die instantly. Simply phasing out while inside the wall would bump you to a nearest empty space should it be possible.

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