A liquid that annihilates everything in a large radius when mixed with anything. Note that pouring it or throwing a phial with it on the ground counts as mixing with salt. It can be sold by ichor merchants and the Alchemist in Bethesda Susa. Also, the alchemist will often throw a phial of this around when engaging creatures, so clear the floor as soon as possible before talking to him.

It deals 10d10 + 250 damage, so some creatures like Leering Stalkers and Chrome Pyramids will survive single blasts.

When eaten, a meal cooked with neutron flux as manual ingredient will either give you a permanent +1 AV or instantly kill you. Dying in this way will grant the Starry Demise achievement. The odds for +1 AV and instant death are 4:1.

Highly Entropic Beings require neutron flux instead of water to perform the water ritual.

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