The strength of mental mutations is boosted by a high ego score.

Be wary of Psychic Glimmer.

[3] Beguiling

  • Mental attack versus a creature with a mind
  • Active Skill: Beguile a nearby creature to serving you (only one creature at a time can be beguiled)

[3] Burgeoning

  • Active Skill: Makes plants grow in the targeted area, hindering and attacking enemies

[2] Clairvoyance

  • Active Skill:Briefly gains vision of nearby area

[3] Confusion

  • Active Skill: Confuses nearby enemies (affected creatures act semi-randomly and receive a -3 penalty to their mental abilities.)

[5] Cryokinesis

  • Active Skill: Chills affected area over 3 rounds (may slow down or freeze targets)
  • Deals less damage than Pyrokinesis

[4] Domination

  • Mental attack versus creature with a mind
  • Active Skill: Controls adjacent creature's actions while your own body lies dormant.

[3] Disintegration

  • Active Skill: Disintegrates nearby matter in area ox 7x7 around self
  • - You are exhausted for 3 rounds after using this power.

[2] Ego Projection

  • Active Skill: Augments one physical attribute by an amount equal to twice your Ego bonus

[5] Force Bubble

  • Active Skill: Creates a 3x3 forcefield centered around yourself
  • You may fire missile weapons through the force field (but not light-based weapons)

[3] Force Wall

  • Active Skill: Creates 9 contiguous squares of immobile forcefield
  • You may fire missile weapons through the force field (but not light-based weapons)

[1] Kindle

  • Active Skill: You ignite a small fire with your mind.

[4] Light Manipulation

  • You produce ambient light within a radius of X
  • Light-based damage resistance
  • Active Skill: Focus light into a laser beam (doing so reduces the radius of your ambient light by 1)
- Ambient light radius increases by 1 every 15 rounds until it reaches its maximum value

[4] Mass Mind

  • Active Skill: Refreshes all mental mutations
  • - Massive Cooldown
  • - Small chance each round for another esper to steal your powers (place everything on cooldown)

[2] Mental Mirror

  • Active Skill: Reflects mental attack(s)

[4] Precognition

  • Active Skill: Peer into your near future.

[4] Psychometry

  • Active Skill: Identify artifact up to complexity tier 4 and learn how to construct artifact up to complexity tier 2 (must have the appropriate Tinker power)
  • You may open locked security doors upon touching them

[5] Pyrokinesis

  • Active Skill: Toasts a nearby area (sets targets on fire)
  • Deals greater damage than Cryokinesis

[1] Sense Psychic

  • You detect the presence of psychic enemies within a radius of 9 (chance to identify nearby detected enemies)

[3] Space Time Vortex

  • Active Skill: Summons a vortex that extinguishes everything in its path
  • You may enter the vortex to teleport to random location in Qud

[4] Stunning Force

  • Active Skill: Creatures are pushed away from center of blast, stunned, and dealt crushing damage in up to 3 increments

[4] Sunder Mind

  • Active Skill: You sunder an enemy's mind leaving the enemy reeling in pain.
  • Mental attack versus creature with a mind

[3] Syphon Vim

  • Active Skill: You bond with a nearby creature and leech its life force.
  • Mental attack versus an organic creature
  • Drains X hit point(s) per round

[1] Telepathy

  • Active Skill: Chat with anyone in vision. For trading with others you must be next to them.
  • Enables talking while afflicted with Glotrot

[5] Teleportation

  • Active Skill: You teleport to a nearby location

[2] Teleport Other

  • Active Skill: You teleport an adjacent creature to a random nearby location

[4] Time Dilation

  • Active Skill: Nearby enemies are slowed according to how close they are to you

[5] Temporal Fugue

  • Active Skill: Creates multiple copies of yourself.
  • Temporal copies have the same equipment, HP, status effects, and cooldowns that you have when you use this ability
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