Mechanics Edit

Mental Armor (MA) is a defensive stat which is used to resist all forms of mental or psionic attacks. This includes Sunder Mind, Confusion and even psionic melee attacks. Elemental attacks like Cryokinesis and direct damage attacks like Disintegration are excluded from this and can not be resisted by MA.

The MA defense mechanics and its penetration rolls work in a similar to AV, so MA can be seen as a suit of armor the mental penetration checks are rolled against.

Considerations Edit

Having a low MA can lead to considerable damage. For example, when hit by Sunder Mind from an attacker with a high Ego-Modifier, the attacker's multiple successful penetration rolls would grant him multiple damage rolls in a single attack. An attacker with "Sunder Mind (5)", could then hit for 6d8 (Max 46) instead of the regular 2d8 (Max 16) or even more.

Psionic Melee Edit

MA has become even more relevant with the introduction of the psionic-modifier for weapons.

New high-Ego monsters like

all spawn with a psionic melee weapon. This weapon will utilize the wielders Ego-Modifier (Instead of Strength) for penetration rolls, while the target has to defend with its MA value (Instead of AV). This can lead to a high-powered Melee character wearing high-tier equipment being completely obliterated by the attacker's multiple damage rolls, because with psionic weapons none of these count at all, just MA.

MA Modifier Edit

MA currently is determined exclusively by your Willpower attribute, not including temporary food recipe effects.

MA starts with a value of 1 at Willpower 10 and is increased by 1 every time your Willpower-Modifier increases, that is, for every 2 additional points of Willpower., you will gain a point of MA. A Willpower of 24 would give you 8 MA.

Name MA Bonus Category
  • + 1 for every 2 Will above 16
  • -1 for every 2 Will below 16
Salt (Tasty) +1 (randomized tasty effects) Cooking
Dried Lah Petals +2 Cooking Recipes
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