"Years of the desert have taken their toll on his body, but he commands your ear with his voice like few other men, and you wonder what sovereignty he might've come to were he not born a moisture farmer."

Mehmet is a watervine farmer located in Joppa , he gives the quest What's Eating The Watervine?

Despite being described as very tough or impossible, he is not much stronger than any of the other watervine farmers in Joppa, having basically identical stats despite his considerably higher level. He has all Harvestry skills.

He has between 200 and 300 vinewafers available for trade, but never restocks.

A curious thing can happen at the start of some games, where he is hated by the Fellowship of Wardens, resulting in his immediate freezing death at the hands of Warden Ualraig.

Can teach you the Harvest skill for 75 Joppa Village Reputation.

Copies of him can very rarely be found trapped in underground cryo-chambers. These copies retain their original dialogue, and can even give the quest What's Eating the Watervine? in worlds without Joppa.

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