"The pilgrim wears a costume of humility: simple frock, wide-brimmed hat, cerulean scarf, slouched back, and weary eyes."

A Mechanimist follower who is making a pilgrimage to The Six Day Stilt. They are found wandering around the Great Salt Desert and other areas in western Qud. Upon reaching The Stiltgrounds, they will enter the Cathedral and carry out their worship. Pilgrims tend to wander into fractus along the way.

They are willing to trade, but seldom offer more than a few vinewafers or starapples. They also have a few waterskins containing fresh water.


Mechanimist Pilgrim:

  • "Glory to Shekhinah."
  • "Humble before my Fathers, I walk."
  • "Live and drink, traveler. Show mercy to a weary pilgrim."
  • "Praise be upon Nisroch, who shelters us stiltseekers."

Player: "Live and drink."

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