Caves Of Qud Wiki

List of light sources[]

Light source Radius Slot Weight Notes
Quantum Mote 9 Floating Nearby 1 Reward from finishing Pax Klanq, I presume?
Glowsphere 8 Hands 1 In previous versions of the game this was always available from Warden Ualraig in Joppa.
Floating Glowsphere 8 Floating Nearby 1 Relatively rare and expensive.
Miner's Helmet 6 Head 5 Always drops once in Waterlogged Tunnel.
Torch 4 Hands 1 Runs out after 50000 turns.
Luminous Mote 4 Floating Nearby 1 Butchered from glowmoths.

Runs out after a certain time.

Symbiotic Firefly 4 Floating Nearby 1 Taking it off destroys the item.
Headlamp 3 Head 6 Starting equipment for Child of the Deep.
Light Manipulation 3 Mutation 0 Radius increases with mutation level.
Campfire 3 On ground 0 Also gives off heat, can be used to cook.


"A length of brinestalk wrapped in oil-soddened cloth."

A basic light source. When put in a hand slot it will generate light. It has light radius of 4 tiles and lasts 5000 turns.


"This opaline, phosphorescent globe fits into the palm of a human hand and
 glows with the light of auroras absorbed eons ago."

Glowspheres have light radius of 8 tiles and last forever.

Has to be put in a hands slot to generate light just like a torch.

Lanterned Headgear[]

Miner's helmets and certain other helmets generated with the lanterned mod will shed light when worn.

Floating Glowsphere[]

Occupies the 'floating nearby' slot, freeing your hands.

Luminous Mote[]

Like the floating Glowsphere, it occupies the 'floating nearby' slot, however like the torch it runs out.

Can be butchered from glowmoths.