"A length of brinestalk wrapped in oil-soddened cloth."

A basic light source.

When put in a weapon slot it will generate light.

It has light radius of 5 tiles and last 5000 turns.


"This opaline, phosphorescent globe fits into the palm of a human hand and
 glows with the light of auroras absorbed eons ago."

Glowspheres have light radius of 9 tiles and last forever.

Have to be put in a weapon slot to generate light just like a torch.

Lanterned Headgear Edit

Miner's helmets and certain other helmets generated with the lanterned mod will shed light when worn.

Floating Glowsphere Edit

Occupies the 'floating nearby' slot, freeing your hands.

Luminous Mote Edit

Like the floating Glowsphere, it occupies the 'floating nearby' slot, however like the torch it runs out.

Can be butchered from glowmoths.