A faction hero or (“legendary monster”) is usually colored pink, and they appear randomly in the world of Qud.

Legendary monsters have a faction alignment (one or two factions) and have relations to other factions. You can use the Water Ritual to increase your relations the same way, or kill the legendary to have all the relations change in the opposite direction (you will lose/gain about twice as much reputation as you would've gained/lost during the ritual).

There are several different ways legendary monsters can be encountered:

Static CharactersEdit

Some characters (usually plot-related) persist from game to game. See Category:Characters for a complete list. Many of them are considered legendary.


Lairs are small (1-3 levels) dungeons that are randomly generated on the world map and house a legendary monster that can be almost any creature, although it's usually chosen from the surrounding biome's population. For many factions, this is the only way for a faction hero to generate.


Some factions have members that are "naturally" legendary (like static legendaries). They are internally referred as "heroes" and can occur almost at any biome populated by their faction. Unlike other kinds of legendaries, they are technically not dynamically promoted from regular monsters, but each such hero still mostly inherits properties of some base creature. A full list of those creatures is:

Heroes also often appear when a Village or a Historical Site is populated by their base faction, but in those cases they are converted to the site's faction.

Snapjaw PrefixesEdit

Prefix on name Effect
Stalwart +10-20 HP
Learned +2-6 Int
Fearsome +2-6 Ego
Hulking +2-6 Str
Fleet-footed +25-50 QN
Nimble +3-6 DV
Calloused +1 AV
Firesnarler Pyrokinesis Mutation
Gutspiller Horns mutation
Well-Dressed Has good equipment on every slot


Most villages have a legendary red-colored leader that teaches a random skill. Rarely, villages may be ruled by a senate, which means several leaders and several different skills. As mentioned above, sometimes villages may house other heroes; those are allied with the village, but do not teach a skill.

Historical SitesEdit

Historical Sites have one legendary guardian monster for each Relic they contain. Usually it means one or two. Again, sometimes those sites will additionally have many more random heroes, appearing on most or all levels.

Faction EncountersEdit

For a few factions, a group of faction monsters lead by a legendary can be randomly encountered in the wild. The leader may be any of the creature kinds of the encounter. The faction alignment and the leader creatures' aggressiveness determines if the group is hostile to you.

Faction encounters may affect the whole environment of a zone (Terrain Features and items), so you can notice they will be present right away in those cases.

Only several different factions can be encountered this way:

Names Faction Environment Notes
Baetyl Boy Mechanimists Trash Has Eater's nectar
Legendary Tinker Barathrumites Scrap and trash
Choleric Tortoises Fruit trees, watervines, and various food
Servant of Ptoh Seekers of the Sightless Way Has sphinx salt injectors,

mindthralls from other factions act as bodyguard. Can teach a random mental mutation

birds Usually represented by dawngliders, which are also allied with unshelled reptiles.
Warmonger amongst the True Putus Templar Has Eater's nectar, cybernetic credit wedges and implants.
Honey loving Bears Several Dreadroot Tubers and waterskins containing honey nearby
virtuoso weaver arachnids webs
antelopes several Chitinous Pumas will be nearby
well-dressed, fashionable, stylish, etc. apes Leader will have a lot of clothing
pariahs Leader and their entourage are converted from random monsters
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