The Lair of Oboroqoru, the Ape God, is a dungeon located in the general area east of Kyakukya. A popup message appears when the player enters the area indicating that they have found the Lair of Oboroqoru the Ape God, and they receive an XP award.

The dungeon levels are a garden-like jungle with outside lighting and a remarkable amount of standing freshwater (appearing in 10 dram pools). It is populated by apes, starting with baboons on the higher levels, with albino apes, cyclopean gibbons, and ogre apes appearing later. (The appearance of ogre apes can constitute a murderous spike in difficulty.) It connects openly to the underground biome on all sides. Oboroqoru himself appears eventually and he would be neutral unless attacked.

The easiest methods of finding this secret place, other than by randomly searching is to either:

  • Follow an albino ape which have chances to be travelling toward the lair
  • Ask for a legendary ape to share a secret location which have high chances for the secret to be this lair
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