The journal is an essential tool in your journey through Qud. Given the vast amount of information which can be accumulated the journal holds much potential with proper use and understanding. The categories within the journal include locations, gossip and lore, sultan histories, village histories, chronology, general notes and recipes respectively.

Locations Edit

This section is the largest and arguably most fundamental part of the journal. Upon discovery of new, distinct locations through reading, exploration, water ritual or some other manner, the location's place is automatically documented within this section. The types of places in this section can include runes, runes with becoming nook, settlements, historic sites, natural features, merchants, Baetyls and lairs. These locations can be marked on the map, making for easy travel.

Gossip and Lore Edit

This section shows all of the gossip you have learn regarding various interactions different factions have had with each other, and who you have learned them from.

Sultan Histories Edit

This sections has a list of all of the sultans. By selecting a sultan, you can see all of the information that you have gathered about that particular sultan. Each chronology is ordered in a linear fashion such that the oldest information is at the very top and the most recent at the bottom.

Village Histories Edit

This section show the history of particular villages. Such information can be obtained through water ritual with the mayor of a village, reading historical books about the village and looking at tattooed/engraved monuments.

Chronology Edit

This section is simply your own characters chronology. The most recent events will be documented at the bottom and the oldest at the top. It records location discoveries, books read, books donated, NPCs loved/liked, hated/disliked which you have killed, the water rituals you preformed, quest steps completed locations you have named and limbs you have lost

General Notes Edit

This section serves the purpose of active documentation. While this feature is not essential, it has great usefulness in writing down randomly generated yet important information such as landmarks in the rainbow woods or which Brooding Mushrooms give which fungal infections.

Recipes Edit

This last part of the journal lists all of the recipes you have gathered, the ingredients they require and the effects they give.

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