Items in Qud can occasionally be found possessing one or more enhancements, such as weight reduction, additional elemental damage, or providing extra protection. Those pre-modded items are relatively uncommon to find, but with Tinkering you can add these modifications to your own weapons and armor, provided you have learned the schematics from a data disk, Water Ritual or relevant Cybernetic implant.

  • See the page on Relic for list of unique mods used by Historical Relics

You can modify something up to three times, items that already have mods still count toward the limit. Tinkering requires 2 bits, first bits are based on the Tinkering Tier of the mod and the second bits are based on the level of the item being modified. The level of the second bits increases with each modification but the first does not change.

List of ModsEdit


These mods apply to both weaponry and armor.

Name Effect Notes Value Change Tinkering Tier
Engraved Reveals a description of a Historical Event when looked at Can also appear on pottery. 200% n/a
Jewel-Encrusted Base item value x5 and +100 reputation with water barons Cannot be added with Tinkering, most items become high value 500% n/a
Lacquered Item can not rust - 110% 1
Painted Reveals a description of a Historical Event when looked at Can also appear on furniture, walls and even on monsters, so it's worth looking at least at legendaries. 200% n/a
Slender Item weighs less than normal Reduce the weight by 50% (rounded in your favor so the weight can go up to 0) 110% 1
Sturdy Item can not break - 110% 1
Willowy Item weighs much less than normal Reduce the weight by 75% (with slender it can go to 87.5%) 130% 2
Extradimensional This item has materialized from a random dimension and has inherited some properties from its home dimension Has a single random Relic based modification. 300% n/a
Metallized +1 AV or Penetration Unimplemented Feature 110% n/a
Nanochelated -1 AV or Penetration but adds +1 DV Unimplemented Feature 110% n/a
Magnetized Object can be equipped in Floating Nearby Slot Unimplemented Feature, but can be made using High-Powered Magnet. 200% n/a

Weapon Exclusive ModsEdit

Name Effect Notes Value Change Tinkering Tier
Counterweighted (X) +X To-Hit Melee weapons and Rifles only 110% 2
Drum-loaded Weapon holds 20% additional ammo Pistols and rifles only 120% 2
Electrical (X) When powered, weapon deals an additional electrical damage Melee weapons only; higher X means higher damage range; chance for AoE damage 120% 2
Flaming (X) When powered, weapon deals an additional fire damage Melee weapons only; higher X means higher damage range 120% 2
Freezing (X) When powered, weapon deals an additional cold damage Melee weapons only; higher X means higher damage range 120% 2
Psionic Weapon uses wielder's Ego-Modifier for PV rolls. Creature attacked must defend with MA instead of AV. Weapon will disappear after a certain amount of usage. Item Description will show current state.

Psionic axes cleave MA instead of AV. Deals no damage to creatures without a mind.

100% n/a
Serrated Weapon has +3% chance to dismember opponent (stacks with weapon skills) Long blades and axes only 130% 3
Sharp +1 bonus to armor penetration Short blades, long blades and axes only 110% 1
Scoped Weapon is more accurate Ranged weapons only 110% 1
Liquid-cooled This weapon consumes 1 dram of pure water as part of its firing process on 15% of shots and has increased rate of fire Presumably ranged weapons only Unknown Unknown
Masterwork Weapon scores critical hits twice as often Scales with a relic mod that also increase critical chance 120% 1
Homing Weapon Ignores DV. Also known as "Heat Seeking" Uncraftable, also change damage to 1 100% n/a
Colossal Heavy, Slam is twice as effective Presumably cudgels only Unknown 1
Morphogenetic When powered, this weapon may, on a succesful, damaging hit, daze other creatures of the same species in the same zone - Unknown 3
Displacer When powered, teleports the target 1-4 squares at random on a successful hit - Unknown 2

Armor Exclusive ModsEdit

Name Effect Notes Value Change Tinkering


Feathered +250 reputation with Birds - 120% 2
Flexiweaved (X) Item's DV penalty is reduced by X Can only be applied to body armor. Can't be used to bring an item's DV modifier above 0 120% 2
Gesticulating +2 Strength, but disables the Floating Nearby item slot Handwear only 130% 3
Greased You may walk freely over webs. -5 movespeed. Footwear only (removed from the game) ? n/a
Lanterned item provides light Helmets only 120% 2
Polarized The item offers protection against visual flash effects. Face items only 110% 2
Recycling Item stores up to 8 drams of Fresh Water and steadily fills with water while worn, like a Recycling Suit Body Armour only 130% 3
Reinforced +1 AV Body Armour only 120% 2
Scaled +250 reputation with Unshelled Reptiles - 120% 2
Six-Fingered +1 Agility Handwear only 130% 3
Serene Visage +1 Willpower. Reduces the cooldown of Meditate by 40 rounds. Headgear only, item also occupies face slot. 130% 3
Spiked Item adds bonus damage to your Shield Slam equal to your strength modifier, and makes the target bleed. Shields only 130% 3
Spring-Loaded +5-10 to move speed Footwear only 120% 2
Terrifying Visage Reduces the cooldowns of Berate, Intimidate and Menacing Stare by 10 rounds. Causes headgear to also occupy the face slot. Headgear and Facegear only 130% 3
Two-Faced Adds an extra face slot Helmets only 130% 3
Visored +1 DV Helmets only 110% 1
Wooly Grants +5 (+10 for body armor) resistance to Heat and Cold Headwear, body armor, gloves, and boots olny 120% 2
Padded Doubles Shake It Off's chance to take effect against dazed and stun - Unknown 1
Refractive Item has a 20% chance of reflecting light-based attacks - Unknown Unknown

Negative ModsEdit

Apply to almost any item. Those are generally added to items as a side-effect of combat.

Name Effect Notes Value Change
Bloody Item is covered in blood Can affect items lying on the ground, if Critical Hits happen nearby; items can be washed by pouring a dram of water on them or by dropping them in water 100%
Liquid Item is covered in Liquid Similar to bloody, this can modify any item when applied, poured on, or submerged in a certain liquid. Some liquid such as acid can physically affect the weapon, while some does nothing at all in particular 100%
Broken Item is no longer functional and must be repaired Greatly reduces value; can be caused by failed artifact identification attempt. Fixed with Repair, repair services or Fix-It Spray Foam ?
Cracked Reduced Item values (AV / DV / etc.) Effect of attacks on worn equipment by monsters that can damage items. (Knollworm, Segmented Mirthworm, etc.) Effect is removed automatically after certain number of turns. n/a
Flaming The item will soon be destroyed The item is on fire and increases the temperature around it, even when picked up.

Pour water on it.

Rusted Item is no longer functional and must be repaired Greatly reduces value; can be applied to any metal item (even equipped or in inventory) by certain creatures. Repeated rusting of the same object can destroy it entirely. Regular repairing removes this state. ?

Miscellaneous Mods Edit

Name Effect Note Value Change Tinkering Tier
Metered Shows energy level Energy Cells only 120% 2
High Capacity 62.5% more energy capacity Energy Cells only 120% 1
Radio-powered Regenerates energy when above ground or near power transmitter Energy Cells only 130% 4
Illuminated Increased Value Books only 130% n/a
Phasing Grenade Affects phased creature Grenade only 150% 6
Wired - Environmental ? n/a
Wall Socket - Environmental ? n/a
Piping - Environmental ? n/a
Jacked When equipped by a robot with onboard power systems or access to grid power, this item can draw on those power sources. Environmental 110% 4
Airfoil +2 throwing range - Unknown 1
Normalizing When powered, this item stabilizes normality - Unknown 2

Notes Edit

  • While you cannot apply the same mod to an item multiple times via tinkering, most mods with an X value in them, such as Electrified (X), will get a higher value if you mod the enhancement onto a higher-quality piece of equipment.
  • Mods with randomized values like Spring-Loaded can be maximized by retrying with Precognition. Additionally, an item can have only three mods applied to it in total; and each one you apply increases the cost of the next.
  • The cost (in tinkering bits) of modding an item depends on its value. You can add multiple mods to an item, but each successive mod will be more expensive than the previous.
  • Recoilers occasionally occur in painted varieties; recoilers can also be modded to be slender, willowy, or lacquered.
  • Liquid mods like bloody can be applied to creatures sometimes, resulting in several flavored adjectives. Most affecting it ever gets is on the Sludge
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