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Ironshank is an illness that can be contracted as a result of contact with the types of oozes most commonly found at Golgotha (though they can also be found in rare random encounters).

  1. The first symptom of ironshank is a log message stating, "Your legs ache at the joints".
  2. Some days after the first time this message is displayed, the player is shown another message stating, "You have contracted Ironshank!  You feel the cartilage stretch as your leg bones grind together at the joints."  As soon as this message is displayed, the player's move speed drops by roughly 8.
  3. Several days later, the same message is displayed again in red, as move speed is reduced by 10 and AV increased by 1.

This message will be displayed again at semi random intervals (a little less frequent than once per day), with move speed going down each time. However, the player's armor value will also increase considerably as the disease progresses.

Drinking certain substances, like honey and slime on a one dram per day seems to stop the progression of ironshank, but not reverse its effects.

Curing Ironshank Edit

Since the cure is randomly generated when the world is created, the player must consult the book Corpus Choliys. On the second page, it will tell you which two substances to combine at a 1-1 ratio. If the cure is gel and honey, a player can pour 32 drams of honey into a waterskin, and then add 32 drams of gel. This will give you 64 cure. In this case it would be called "greasy honey" which you can then drink.

When drinking the mixture, your next step will immediately produce the message "The pain in your joints subsides." in your sidebar. This will restore your movement speed and AV gradually each day. Continue to drink one dram a day until your movement and AV are normal. You will then receive the message "Your ironshank is cured!"

Notes Edit

  • Curing ironshank grants the achievement "Footloose!"
  • The cooking effects of certain cooking ingredients can prevent diseases from developing beyond their initial stage.
  • Movement speed penalties do not affect your DV.
  • It is possible to maintain a balance between movement penalties and bonus AV. Making this disease somewhat desirable for tank based builds, at the cost of considerable upkeep.
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