Honey in Qud is not only known for its sweetness, but also for its medicinal properties.


A pool of honey.

Notes Edit

Honey can be obtained from

Usage Edit

Drinking honey while suffering from the progress of Glotrot and Ironshank will halt the disease's progression and grant you a +3 bonus to your next save against another similar disease. To gain maximum benefit, you must eat one dose each day (whenever you get a message of "Your throat feels sore" or "You feel a bit better".)

  • You can (and should) take one dose prior to being infected, since the bonus to your next save lasts until that save actually occurs, no matter how long that might be.
  • The bonus from honey does not stack with the identical bonus from Yuckwheat Stem, and neither is effective once glotrot is fully-progressed to the point where your tongue has begun to rot.

It also used as a cooking ingredient, in which case it produces meal effects that help prevent disease, or enjoyed as a delicious food by your character on its own.

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