Historic Sites are 4-8 level dungeons that contain a legendary creature, a (potentially) powerful relic in a pink chest, and a  Cybernetic Credit Wedge or two. Occasionally they will have two legendaries and pink chests, one about halfway through and one at the bottom. Credit wedges are only on the last level.

What to expectEdit

Each historic site will have a set of creatures that does not vary from level to level; the creatures on level one will be the same on level eight. All of these creatures will be part of a site-specific faction that hates you and will be hostile to you even if you are friendly with the faction they usually hail from. Frequently, but not always, multiple creatures from the same faction will be picked. 

Painted and engraved gear will provide a reputation bonus to a specific historic site faction, so it is possible to make a particular site's guardians neutral if you gather enough gear. This is usually more trouble than it's worth. 

This goes double because the legendary faction member who guards the relic will never have a positive relationship with any other faction. Since the site-specific factions don't exist outside of the site the legendaries are thus free reputation. 

Finding Historic SitesEdit

[L]ooking at the Sultan statue in Joppa will always reveal the location of a historic site. Looking at Sultan statues may reveal more. Painted and engraved gear also contains Sultan history and may reveal sites. Sites may also may be revealed by asking for secrets from certain factions. Any faction that wants to trade secrets about "Sultans they admire or despise" qualifies, and there are many. 

Once discovered, Historic Sites appear on the map. Each has an experience bonus for visiting it so it may be worth dipping your toe in even if you aren't going to risk exploring it. 

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