"In its infancy, rock streamed through the planet in plumes of magma, spilled into hushed caverns, and quickened pools of protoplasm of its stilled inertia. Plates slipped and matter was crushed, pressurized. Later, as entropy bore cracks into the crust, sticky lifethings fused to the rock and scuttled forth. In geological terms, they are tiny things, but you insist that scale is the wrong one."

Notes Edit

Tough enemy found in lower levels of Asphalt Mines.

The crab has 2 Red-Hot Claws as weapons with 18 Penetration and a damage of 3D8, which can easily result in vast numbers for low AV characters.

While they seem to ignore lava completely, they don't like stepping in oil, so you can use oil pools to put some distance between them and you. You can also use the worker ants' acid clouds to put space between you and let you deal with the rather easier-to-kill ants.

Interestingly, great magma crabs can have bit of deviation in their attributes, which can cause them sometimes having up to 25 penetration value and lower or higher dodge value/mental armor. Their health always stays the same however, even if they have higher toughness.

Tips Edit

  • It's better to use weapons that ignore AV like explosives or vibro weapons as most weapon would not be able to pierce its armor
    • Mental attacks would also work wonder against it
    • High penetration axes in combination with Cleave and a high AV also take them out rather quickly at higher levels.
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