"A constant rain of gorgeous sparkling dust drifts down from the glowmoth's wings."


Glowmoths can be EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. This low-level, unassuming little insect is one of the most consistently unexpected early-game killers.

They silently fire 4 or more spaces, and each shot typically hits for 6-12 damage. This means a Glowmoth can kill a normal level 6 character at full health in 5 turns or less from range. If you spot a Glowmoth, prioritize it above all other enemies or put a wall between you and it right away.

Fortunately, Glowmoths have very little health.

For those with Beguiling or Proselytize, Glowmoths make exceptional pets, since their flight keeps them out of range of most attacks, while their powerful ranged attack will contribute reliably to combat.

Glowmoth corpses can be butchered for a luminous mote.

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