"Rime-dotted nodules crust over the infected skin, where an algid mist clings. The fungus colony has terraformed the epidermis into what looks like a miniature range of ice capped peaks."

Glowcrust is an ailment that is afflicted to the player character, NPCs, and enemies through spores released from the original mushroom or a host. When you have been infected with glowcrust, the input box will display the message "Your skin itches". Within an ingame week a part of your body will be fully infected with glowcrust, providing bonuses depending on which part of the body has been infected and unequipping anything you had previously equipped to that slot, replacing it with a Fungal Outcrops slot.

Hands slots : Cudgel weapon, with a strength bonus cap of 4.

Other slots : 1-3 AV depending of the part of the body, with no DV penalty.

The infection provides +5 Cold Resist, +200 reputation with Fungi, and -200 reputation with Consortium of Phyta (per slot infected). Additionally, having at least one body part infected with glowcrust causes a light to be emitted in a radius of 3 cases around the player, but reduces hp regeneration during the day to 85%. The Fungal Outcrops slot will generate a free Luminous Hoarshroom every 300-500 turns which can be cooked or eaten raw

Glowcrust is contracted by Brooding Mushroom, like other fungal infection, the mushroom which transmits the disease are randomized depending on the seed. It may be also contracted from infected enemies (having the name "friend to fungi").

Glowcrust parts can't be removed without the proper cure.


See Fungal Infections for detailed steps and methods on curing fungal infection. Most of the method needed to cure diseases can be found on corpus choliys.

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