This Mutation costs 5 Mutation Points


You emit jets of frost from your hands.

At Level 1: Edit

  • Emits a 9-square ray of frost in the direction of your choice
  • Cooldown: 10 rounds
  • Damage: 1d3+1
  • Cannot wear gloves

Advancement Edit

Mutation Level Damage
1 1d3+1
2 2d3+1
3 3d3+1
4 4d3+1
5 5d3+1
6 6d3+1
7 7d3+1
8 8d3+1
9 9d3+1
10 10d3+1


  • High damage potential against multiple opponents
  • Can cause enemies to freeze solid, or become lethargic and be slowed
  • Short cooldown; at high levels, it can freeze many enemies for longer than it takes for it to cool down, allowing you to keep them frozen indefinitely. Even when it fails to freeze them solid, it will slow them down, making it easy for you to fall back and let it recharge.
  • Does not set fire to items like the flaming hands mutation
  • Does not create steam when fired over water, unlike Flaming Hands - no accidentally boiling yourself to death, instead the water freezes into ice that slips anyone trying to walk over it and trapping anyone currently standing in it
  • Melee attacks passively cool enemies down with each hit, slowing and eventually freezing them
  • Especially when coupled with other freezing attacks, the cold can spread and freeze nearby enemies.


  • Does not deal as much damage as the like priced flaming hands
  • Cannot wear gloves (on first hand slot only if you get extra hand slots from Multiply Arms mutation you can have some on your other hand slots but you can't benefit from AV/DV from the equipment on them)
  • Does not create steam when fired over water, unlike Flaming Hands - no deliberately boiling enemies to death
  • Extremely cold enemies and items can cool down adjacent tiles - if you have poor cold resistance, you may occasionally become chilled and suffer quickness penalties after using this power at close range

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